Secrets to Getting Through Tough Medical Education Exams

Medical education career has a bright side of respect and stability but also has its requirement of hard work and brilliance. So, for a medical education career, you need to fill up the AIPMT application form and appear for the AIPMT exam.

But, the AIPMT2016 is very tough and there are students from all over India competing for some 2100 seats in the Govt. medical colleges. So, for getting good AIPMT result, you need to take some advanced methods of preparation such that you stay ahead of the others. Let us see some of the secret tricks which are essential for getting AIPMT admission.

Some advanced techniques for cracking AIPMT 2016

  • Planning the preparation for better progress

First step for any preparation is planning. You should go through the AIPMT syllabus and prepare a plan for studying the subjects and the plan should be enough for the preparations. Now, the work doesn’t stop at making the study plan. You should have to implement it efficiently also such that the progress is maintained.

  • Knowing of the strong areas and the weak areas

You should be aware of your strong points and the areas where some more effort is required. Self-assessment is very important in all fields. You should know about your strong points such that you can make the most of it in the exam and also the weak areas so that you can turn them into strong ones.

  • Take help from various reference books and the internet

You will get a lot of reference books for AIPMT in the market and once you have known your strong areas you just have to polish them such that they can help you get the best AIPMT result. You can also take online help and get the AIPMT latest news and the AIPMT patterned question paper.

For the weak areas, you can lookout for the study materials and the notes which will be of great help. You have to turn the weak areas into your strong ones if they are significant for your AIPMT result. If they are not affecting much, you can ignore them.

  • Practice, practice and practice

Well, the competitive exams require a lot of time efficiency and marking the correct answer of as many questions as you can. So, you need a lot of extensive practice to achieve perfection and such that you can get the answers very fast with minimum calculation.

You need to dedicate a lot of time to studying as AIPMT is quite hard to crack and the competition is also huge. So, making of a daily plan for practice of all the subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) is a must.

  • Solve the previous year’s papers

Solving the previous year’s papers is a very good way to know about the level of difficulty and its best if you can practice the papers within the time limit. Now, while solving the previous year’s paper, you will find that a lot of questions are repeated and you will get a lot of common questions also. So, the advantages of solving them are endless.

Let us take a look at some additional points to look at while preparing for the AIPMT

  • Keep a track of the AIPMT 2016 latest news and maintain progress accordingly.
  • Regularly take time out for some light physical exercises or yoga or meditation daily to improve concentration and keep mind and body fit.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and green veggies to keep body at the best level.
  • Practice in such a way that the previous chapters are also revised. People tend to forget the old chapters as they practice new ones.
  • Do not over study or over try on any particular problem in exam.


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Comparison Of The Best Stock Market Apps: And Which One You Should Go For

Stock market apps are indispensable for just anyone who deals in the stock markets. Right from the nice traders to a sophisticated investor, it is a great asset to decode the stock markets. There are top stock market apps in the market and here is an in-depth comparison of the leading apps.


  1. Sharekhan: An app from one of the leading brokerage companies in India. The app does the basic job of getting stock quotes and allows you to trade. It has in-depth analysis and many secondary features that make it a good choice for the started. However, the interface isn’t up to the mark. It sometimes freezes and has some uncomfortable to use fonts. The app overdoes things with a sluggish interface. Many users can be found complaining about the line charts, and about data consumption. Overall it is a fine app – however, not the best amongst the stock market apps.
  2. Moneycontrol: It is one of the most well known mobile applications. Backed by a tv channel. It is good for getting real-time updates and have an up to the mark interface. Although the experience isn’t anywhere near world class. The app does the basic job of giving up to date information about stock quotes. It has a wide number of financial markets that users can see. However, since the company itself is not a brokerage firm, users cannot trade the shares, and users often complain of excessive data usage. One would expect Moneycontrol to be a world class stock market app with a great interface, but if horribly falls short of the expectations. However, it is a good app. In all fairness to the developers, the interface is better than Sharekhan.
  3. India Infoline: The company holds numerous achievement, but the one that counts the most is the one for user experience. India Infoline limited’s (IIFL) users swears by the company’s ability to provide world-class brokerage services, and so far it is the only app that doesn’t end up things in a disappointment. It has one swipe trading facility, to the mark stock updates, and in-depth coverage of scripts, it covers a wide range of financial markets right from bse, nse to mcx and ncdex. Company and its app, both have been tried and tested, and as of now, it works like a charm on every device. The interface is sleek and the data usage, even on 2g, is pretty judicially used.

If all crucial parameters are taken into the account, then IIFL has a clear lead over its peer. But whether it is able to maintain the lead is totally up to the future updates and how well its competitor pulls things off.

The motto of any app that promises to provide a world class trading experience should have the promise of putting web on the app, and IIFL does a great job in making that happen.