Sulbutiamine – Knowing it more

Thiamine is Vitamin B1. Synthetic derivative thiamine is called Sulbutiamine. It is more effective than thiamine because sulbutiamine can cross the blood brain barrier more quickly than thiamine; being a lipophilic compound. Sulbutiamine is synthesized in lab by modifying two thiamine molecules.

It can increase the level of thiamine phosphate esters and thiamine in the brain. Credit goes to Japan for deriving sulbutiamine. It was discovered when studies were conducting to develop more effective derivative of thiamine.

Sulbutiamine instead of Thiamine is used as a brain supplement. It is useful in enhancing memory, mood and intellectual function. It is a synthetic version of vitamin B1. It is a nootropic compound. In many ways it acts very similar to Vitamin B1 but sulbutiamine is said be more potent.

Even though it is a synthetic derivative of thiamine, it also comes with various benefits that are completely unrelated to thiamine. It is more powerful than vitamin B. It works effectively by crossing the blood barrier. It even has some positive effect on receptor part of the brain.


Sulbutiamine is very effective in the treatment of asthenia. Few reports state that it is the single compound that can treat asthenia. It is also useful in the treatment of psycho behavioral inhibition. Also, it is effective for chronic fatigue and improving memory. It even used as nutritional supplement.

Side effects:

Sulbutiamine is very effective in enhancing mood and improve the ability to focus. But similar to other nootropics even sulbutiamine comes with a risk of addiction, tolerance and withdrawal.

Before one goes for sulbutiamine he should understand the general side effects. When used properly, this is found to have low risk of side effects. When gone for large doses and get abused to it this will lead to some side effects.

Some individuals experienced skin rashes and developing eczema-like symptoms. Most of the cases it is very minor. But there were cases reported in which they lead to serious problems. To avoid all these people should follow moderate doses and when they start experiencing issues they should consult doctor.

There were cases of side effects found on brain and mood. It may cause mood swings and affecting overall mood negatively. If the individual is sensitive to these types of nootropics then there are chances of having such side effects. Immediate medical attention may be required in these cases.

People suffering from bipolar mood disorder are not recommended to take sulbutiamine. Because they are said experience negative effects by this. So all these types of disorders, should be discussed with doctor before going for sulbutiamine as well as these types of nootropics.

One more common side effect known is, for some people it can be an appetite suppressant. Meantime some users reported a positive feedback that it enhanced their appetite. So depending on the individual, effect could be either negative or positive. Anyway expert suggests that underweight people better avoid this. Even it is not prescribed for people who have eating disorders. It is always good to seek doctor’s advice to get started.

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