The use of performance enhancers is more in the market among the sportsman especially. It has been in the bodybuilding sector long enough. This the arena where they have to shine and they have only one chance and taking this the enhancers is their resort for a quick fix or sure winning chance. Marathon runners, racers, baseball, football players peak after the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

It’s naturally occurring hormone secreted by the thyroid into the body but this can be artificial consumed as it found in the synthetic form as a pill. This will enhance the muscularity of the body and height, weight and body structure will be more defined. This definitely helpsperformance and definitely used as an enhancer by most by athletes worldwide and helps the the professional bodybuilders to gain muscles quickly.


These drugs are formed by using animal extracts or by chemically preparations. These steroids are also known as HGH or Human Growth Hormones.

While using HGH or supplement it best to see what are your training goals, fitness levels and the tolerance level of your body to such drugs. Bodybuilders use many kinds of ASS steroids because they feel it puts them ahead of everyone has the desired body effect in the quickest manner possible.

There is increase in appetite, bone growth, increase in the production of red blood cells, increase in strength and also the size of the skeletal muscles. The androgenic effect is increase in the growth of male and female organs in children, increase in vocal chord size, production of sperm and increase in the libido.

Medical uses

Since the advent synthetic HGH, it has been used in treating leukaemia patients for generating bone marrow and people with kidney disorders. They are known as blood cell precursors. It has helped children with low growth rate. It has been used as effective and reliable male contraceptive. It also helps in generating male puberty. It is used in the elderly who have loss of bone mass. It can treat patients with erectile dysfunctions. It helps patients which chronic body wasting to gain weight in cases of AIDS and cancer patients and to avoid somatopause.

This hormone (HGH) is a naturally secreted by the body the quantities required for the body. If there is less secretion during childhood it could lead to dwarfism and more secretions could lead to gigantism. In adulthood primary and secondary characteristics show up.

Many sports persons, bodybuilders, weight lifters use it, though it is banned all over the world by international sporting bodies and lot regulations and doping tests are carried out to find out if the athlete comes out clean. These are controversial matters as many substances get banned, newer better one crop up and people are going to use.

Side effects of HGH

There have been cases where people who have taken HGH have complained about joint and muscle pain. It has also been observed that men have enlarged breast development. There is also an additional pain in the ankles and feet. Carpel tunnel syndrome also can be a noted effect of using HGH.

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