Tips for Opening an Automobile Repair Shop

One of the most lucrative businesses today is automotive repair. This is due to the need for mechanics as the number of car owners increases. For those who are mechanically inclined, opening a repair shop can result in a profitable business.

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Setting Up Shop

Choose a site for the shop that is easily accessed, near a busy area, and with plenty of parking. Often an existing building that needs some simple modifications can be the least expensive choice. Make certain the building is large enough to accommodate several automobiles. The ceilings should high enough for a hydraulic lift. Enough room for storage of tools and other items that are crucial to your business is another important consideration.

The building chosen will need to have doors that are large enough to bring the vehicles in for repair. They also must be sturdy to keep the automobiles and tools safe. One example of a company offering rolling steel doors jacksonville fl is George P. Coyle & Sons, Inc. A waiting area for clients is another good business move.

Employees and Equipment

If needed, hire a certified mechanic. This will be beneficial because it shows potential customers that your business is dependable and trustworthy. The right tools will be needed. Purchase the basics and some of the specialty tools that are required for common automotive jobs. If a specific tool is needed, there are several places that rent tools. More tools can be purchased later as the business begins to show a profit.

Permits, Licenses, and Insurance

Make sure that all required permits and licenses are received before the opening. Local, as well as state permits, may be required. Many people choose to consult an attorney at this point to ensure they have everything that will be needed. Insurance is another requirement to protect your investment.


Once the repair shop is set up, it will be important to market your business. Offering a discount on a couple of services for the first few days is one way to attract potential customers. Social media is another excellent marketing tool. A grand opening is another way to let people in the area know that the business is open.

Opening an automotive repair shop is a big step, but being prepared is half of the process. It can be very profitable if all the bases are covered before the opening date. Preparation is also the key to prevent unforeseen problems at a later date.

Is Your Desk Chair Causing Back Problems?

Choosing the wrong desk chair can lead to back problems, especially if your job requires you to sit at your desk all day. Sitting for long periods of time increases stress in your back and puts added pressure on your back muscles and spine.

When you sit for extended periods, it puts stress on your back, as well as your neck, shoulders, arms and legs. When sitting in a desk chair, most people tend to lean forward or slouch down in the chair. This leads to poor posture which can impact your spine over time. It can lead to back pain, especially in the lower back, and make existing back pain much worse.

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Choosing a quality ergonomic chair from office furniture salem oregon can help maximize your back support and promote good posture. Over time, poor posture can actually alter placement of discs in your spine, causing problems with spinal discs, back muscles and joints, as well as problems with pinched nerves and blood vessels. The result is often neck and back pain, fatigue, headaches, and respiratory problems. When sitting at your desk, be aware of slouching in your chair, hunching your shoulders, slumping forward, sitting too far forward in the seat, holding your head too high, and holding a phone receiver between your shoulder and your neck. All of these things will create bad posture that leads to pain.

An ergonomic office chair that provides proper back support will help to reduce bad posture and eliminate back pain. Although the price of a good ergonomic chair may be higher, you can prevent back and spine problems. When choosing an ergonomic desk chair, here are some important things to look for:

* Seats – The seat height should be adjustable. Chairs with pneumatic levers offer the easiest adjustments. A comfortable seat height for most people is 16 to 21 inches with their feet placed flat on the floor. A comfortable seat width is 17 to 21 inches.

* Backs – The back should be 12 to 20 inches wide. If the back and seat are manufactured as one unit, it’s important to choose a chair with a back that can adjust forward and backward for comfort and proper support.

* Lumbar Support – An ergonomic desk chair should have good lower back support. Look for a chair with a lumbar adjustment. This allows you to adjust the lower back area for proper support of the curve in your lower spine.