Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine

The Good: Customers have loved the price point of this machine the most. Considering all the great features that this espresso machine gives, the price is extremely affordable. The machine operates in a quiet manner and doesn’t make any noise while processing the coffee. This is a advantage for all those who want a coffee machine that operates silently. Using this machine is extremely simple; you don’t have to go through any complex process. The machine is built in a user friendly way to ensure ease of use. It is also a compact machine so that you can easily place it anywhere you like and it won’t take much of your space.


The Bad: The machine doesn’t have a proper tamper supplied with it. It also lacks a frothing pitcher which comes handy a lot of times. If you have to check the water level of the machine, you might face difficulties because there is not water level indicator in it. Customers are also saying that they have been facing problems regarding the design of the water tank cap and the main control design. There are lots of plastic parts used in the build of the machine that make it look a little inferior.

The Bottom line: Overall it is a great buy given the price and the features. If you want a compact machine that can serve you good quality coffee beverages like espresso, mocha, latte and cappuccino, this machine is made for you. Though there are a few downsides regarding the design of the machine, the taste of coffee is just delicious.

Features of the Mr. Coffee ECM160 steam Espresso Machine

There are many unique features in this machine and some great advantages of this machine over others. Let’s see some of the features that make this espresso machine a worthy buy.

  • The machine is powered with steam heat technology which forces hot steam through the filter for great tasting, dark and strongly brewed coffee.
  • There is a special frothing arm that makes delicious creamy froth so that you can make cappuccinos and lattes with it.
  • It is equipped with an easy pour glass carafe that serves up to 4 shots of espresso by just slightly tilting your wrist.
  • There is a drip catcher which is completely removable and can be easily washable. The drip tray is present to collect coffee drips which keep the brewing space neat and clean.
  • With this machine, you can make any favorite coffee preparation you desire such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and many more.
  • The milk frother is extremely powerful and capable of making great tasting froth. It gives a light, frothy perfection of froth to all your drinks.
  • The glass decanter that also shows serving measures comes really handy while serving. The handle stays cool so that you can easily serve the coffee into cups and it also gives a drip free spout.
  • The preparation time is very quick which ensures that you don’t have to wait much time for your coffee to get ready.
  • It can easily create a steam pressure of 3 bars which is sufficient for a strong brewed espresso.
  • You get a measuring spoon and tamper as additional tools with this machine.
  • The machine is very compact in size and light in weight; this ensures that you can move the machine easily to any place you like. It also becomes convenient to place it anywhere you like and it won’t accommodate much space.


As we all know, Mr. Coffee is a great brand of espresso machine and has constantly proven its expertise in this sector. They have been in the business since a long time and have always provided great quality products. Although it is not an automatic machine, you can get many things done easily though it is manual. At this price point, you can definitely trust your money for this espresso machine.