Is Your Desk Chair Causing Back Problems?

Choosing the wrong desk chair can lead to back problems, especially if your job requires you to sit at your desk all day. Sitting for long periods of time increases stress in your back and puts added pressure on your back muscles and spine.

When you sit for extended periods, it puts stress on your back, as well as your neck, shoulders, arms and legs. When sitting in a desk chair, most people tend to lean forward or slouch down in the chair. This leads to poor posture which can impact your spine over time. It can lead to back pain, especially in the lower back, and make existing back pain much worse.

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Choosing a quality ergonomic chair from office furniture salem oregon can help maximize your back support and promote good posture. Over time, poor posture can actually alter placement of discs in your spine, causing problems with spinal discs, back muscles and joints, as well as problems with pinched nerves and blood vessels. The result is often neck and back pain, fatigue, headaches, and respiratory problems. When sitting at your desk, be aware of slouching in your chair, hunching your shoulders, slumping forward, sitting too far forward in the seat, holding your head too high, and holding a phone receiver between your shoulder and your neck. All of these things will create bad posture that leads to pain.

An ergonomic office chair that provides proper back support will help to reduce bad posture and eliminate back pain. Although the price of a good ergonomic chair may be higher, you can prevent back and spine problems. When choosing an ergonomic desk chair, here are some important things to look for:

* Seats – The seat height should be adjustable. Chairs with pneumatic levers offer the easiest adjustments. A comfortable seat height for most people is 16 to 21 inches with their feet placed flat on the floor. A comfortable seat width is 17 to 21 inches.

* Backs – The back should be 12 to 20 inches wide. If the back and seat are manufactured as one unit, it’s important to choose a chair with a back that can adjust forward and backward for comfort and proper support.

* Lumbar Support – An ergonomic desk chair should have good lower back support. Look for a chair with a lumbar adjustment. This allows you to adjust the lower back area for proper support of the curve in your lower spine.

Fuel Pump Maintenance

Operating a gas station is far more complicated than most realize. This is because gasoline, ethanol and other liquid fuels are both a potential safety hazard and a potential environmental hazard.

As a flammable and explosive substance, strict safety measures must be taken in the transfer of liquid fuels from delivery truck to storage tanks, from tanks to the fuel pumps and lastly to vehicles. As a potential environmental hazard, care must be taken to avoid leaking and seepage into the ground, especially into the water table.

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Over the years, complicated regulations have been promulgated by a number of governmental agencies to insure safe transfer of fuel with a minimal of leakage and a maximum of safety. Industry and government standards have been set each stage of the fuel transfer process, from the tanker truck to the customer’s vehicle.

These standards are very complex and may be beyond the technical expertise of the average gas station owner. For example, the California Petroleum Products Program Manual is 149 pages in length. The ICC Chapter on Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities covers another 18 pages of highly technical rules. Failure to follow these strict rules can not only create an unsafe situation, but can subject the station owners to heavy fines or a shut down of the business.

In addition, because motor fuels are a corrosive material, maintenance is a part of the business. Tanks, transfer pipes, hoses and couplings need to be inspected on a regular basis and repaired or replaced as needed. Mechanical and electrical measuring systems must be tested regularly and recalibrated as needed.

For station owners and those in need of gas station pump repair California, there are companies who specialize in the set up, construction, inspection and maintenance of motor fuel stations.  Such companies can design underground storage systems, install and calibrate pump measuring systems, pump inspection, repair and maintenance.

A support company will only be as good as the field personnel. A quality company will have its employees properly trained and knowledgeable of industry and government regulations. The employees will be certified by appropriate government agencies, such as OSHA and industry organizations such as API.

Some motor fuel retailers, especially those with a new or expanded station, may also need assistance in fuel pump placement, installation of safety barriers and placement of emergency shut off valves. The experienced maintenance company will usually be of help in these areas. Because of the complexity of staying in compliance, safety issues and the knowledge involved, most gas station owners will keep a quality maintenance company on retainer.

Professional Services to Improve Your Restaurant’s Performance

If you run your own restaurant, you’ve no doubt come across the stress of trying to improve your business, without any clear indicator of what needs to change. For many managers, they often assume that it’s the food or the prices that need to change, but that may not be the case. If you’re interested in finding alternatives to help improve your business, often in the form of other professional services that you may not be taking advantage of, then make sure you read on, as that is exactly what this post will discuss.

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Refrigeration Services

Even if you have a great menu and fresh ingredients, it won’t mean much if your refrigerator isn’t in top condition. With that in mind, companies like Sub Zero Repair New York City specialize in helping restaurants to manage their existing refrigeration units, and can help them select new ones that can better handle their company’s demands. If you haven’t purchased a new refrigerator since you first started your restaurant, then it might be time to start thinking about changing it out for a shinier model.

Digital Services

It’s no secret that a majority of modern advertising is conducted on the Internet. If your business has been slipping, and you don’t already have a strong Internet presence, then it might be time to think about investing in a service to handle that for you. In fact, there are many companies online that specialize in helping companies to develop and maintain a digital brand. With the rise of social media, your restaurant can very easily tap into a new audience and help spread word about your business. If your company has had issues in the past with customers, then an online reputation management agency can help remove those negative stories from the Internet so that new customers aren’t scared away. Regardless of what type of advertising you need, there is certainly an online firm that can help.

Growing your restaurant’s business can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. As long as you stay positive, and keep an eye out for valuable services to invest in, you can keep your restaurant in top shape and ensure that new customers keep rolling in. Once you’ve established a baseline for your business, the only challenge left will be to make sure your recipes are always at the top of your industry. sub zero repair new york city.

Facts You Should Know About Working With a Mortgage Broker

After narrowing the search for your dream home, the next steps are to buy the house and get those keys in your hands. However, the process of buying a house can be a confusing and trying experience. Thankfully, you can hire a mortgage broker such as Courtier Hypothecaire to walk you through the process. With that said, people who have never used mortgage brokers before might be a bit confused as to what they do.

Mortgage Brokers Act as the Middleman


The leading question that people have about mortgage brokers is, “What is a mortgage broker?” To be fair, if you’ve never used mortgage brokers before, it only stands to reason that you might not know what they do. Their job is to act as the middlemen between potential lenders and customers.


Mortgage brokers work with several different banks to find the best mortgage lender to fit your needs. This includes looking for the lowest rates and competitive terms. Since this process can be time-consuming, it’s often helpful for wannabe homeowners to use mortgage broker services.


Mortgage Brokers Charge a Commission


Just like most sales professionals, mortgage brokers have to charge a commission to make money. The commission rate varies between individuals, but the general rate is 1 percent of the loan amount. For example, a mortgage broker who charges a 1 percent commission would earn $4,000 from a $400,000 mortgage loan.


Sometimes this commission is paid at closing, and other times you can work out a no-cost loan in which the lender pays the broker fees. While having the lender pay the fee is helpful, it usually results in a higher interest rate on the loan. You enjoy a lower out-of-pocket expense for a higher payout later.


Differences Between a Mortgage Broker and a Loan Officer


While some people think that a mortgage broker and loan officer are the same, they’re actually completely different. In general, a loan officer is employed by a mortgage lender. This means that these individuals get paid a set salary for writing loans.


Mortgage brokers, on the other hand, are completely independent or work with a mortgage broker firm. While they work closely with lenders, they don’t work directly for them. This means that they have to rely completely on the money that they earn via commission. The larger the loan amount, the more money they earn.


Benefits of a Mortgage Broker


The first and most important benefit of hiring mortgage brokers is that they act as your personal concierge. Unlike loan officers, a mortgage broker doesn’t work for lenders but works independently on your behalf. This is why brokers tend to fight for better mortgage rates and more favorable terms than loan officers.


Also, hiring a mortgage broker will save you a lot of time. It can take many hours to apply for mortgage loans. Even after you apply for a loan, there’s still a lot of back-and-forth communication during the underwriting process. Hiring a mortgage broker can ensure that you don’t have to handle all of these nagging details.


How to Choose a Mortgage Broker


While there are many ways to go about hiring a mortgage broker, one way is to get referrals from friends and family members who have used mortgage brokers in the past. Since they work on commission, they rely heavily on referrals. A mortgage broker who did a good job for a family member will likely strive to do a good job for you so that they can get even more referrals.


Overall, most people save time and money when they hire mortgage brokers. They do the legwork for you and make buying a new home easier. If it’s the first time that you’re buying a home, you have a lot to benefit from hiring mortgage brokers. They can help ensure that you don’t get ripped off in the process or leave out a critical step while buying a home.

Beating the Florida Summertime with Professional Repair Services

Florida is well-known for its hot and sticky summertime weather. Your air conditioner provides the perfect respite from the high temperatures and the near 100 percent humidity that the state sometimes experiences each year. However, the continued use of your AC unit can cause it to break down and need repair services anytime of the day or night. You can get your unit back in working order by using an around-the-clock service that helps customers even on the weekends and during the after hours.

Calling for Help Anytime

When it comes to retaining services like professional maintenance or repairs for air conditioning Port Richey FL residents like you may think that you are limited to those businesses that are open only during the regular work week. If you fail to call between 8:00 in the morning and 5:00 at night during the weekdays, you may think that you are out of luck in getting your AC fixed.

However, when you go online to the repair business’ website, you may first see the phone number that you can call anytime day or night to get fast and courteous help for your AC issues. The person who answers the phone can dispatch a repair technician even if you are calling in the middle of the night or on a Sunday morning.

The business is also open during the work week, of course. Because it is opened anytime day or night, you can rest assured that you can beat the Florida heat anytime of day without having to wait for days to get your AC unit fixed.

Repair and Upkeep Service Types

You may wonder what the technician can do for your AC unit once he or she arrives to your home. Depending on how your unit is performing, the technician may be able to refill it with more Freon so that it once again blows out cold air.

The tech may also replace hoses or tighten valves if he or she suspects Freon is leaking from your unit. You also may need an entirely new unit if your old one no longer is capable of turning on or off.

Florida never gives residents a break from the heat in the summertime months. You can enjoy your home’s cool respite by having your AC unit professionally fixed or replaced anytime of the day or night.

India Property Fest offers New Investment Avenues for NRIs

The 4th edition of India Property Fest kicked off on Friday, May 29 at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi showcasing ongoing and upcoming projects from developers and builders of repute across India.

The two-day property fest was inaugurated by Dr B R Shetty, managing director and CEO, UAE Exchange in the presence of leading property builders, real estate professionals and a crowd of eager visitors to the property show.

India Property Fest which targets the needs of NRIs in the UAE, provides an unrivalled access to the greatest number of property leaders, development projects, different investment options, financing sources and much more. It brings together everyone and anyone that you might need to meet, talk to or just have a good old natter with investments that you intend to make.

With over 52 exhibitors at the show, customers can choose properties from several projects with varying options ranging from apartments, plots, farm houses, villas and much more with prices to suit all budgets. The show brings together top notch property developers from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Kerala, Mangaluru, Gurgaon, Baroda, Noida and more cities across India who are exhibiting their projects with exclusive offers for the visitors.

There is anything and everything for every individual at the show and you can be rest assured of the best property deals and investments to help realize your dream of owning your dream home back home.

India Property Fest makes it possible for buyers or investors who are keen to consider investing in real estate, to meet and talk to some of the leading developers in this sector. Many buyers and investors lead busy lives so the property fest has brought together some of the most interesting and iconic developments from all over India, enabling visitors to view a large number of projects all showing together under one roof.

Among the major real estate participants at India Property Fest are Lodha, Sunteck, Radius Developers, Purvankara, Ansal Housing, Karle Infra, Godrej Properties, L&T, Propshell, Asset Homes, Ekta World and many more.

Pradeep Pinto, organizer of India Property Fest said, “Whether you’re a first time buyer or looking to invest in the property market, India Property Fest will be a brilliant way to get all the information you need about the Indian property market – direct from a handpicked selection of the region’s well known developers.”

Day one of the show was very positive and India Property Fest will remain open for property buyers till Saturday, May 30 from 10 am – 9 pm and entry is FREE! Here’s a great opportunity to meet and talk to the developers in a quite environment, and to find out all about owning a dream property in India.

Come along and take the temperature of the Indian property market at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.

Will the Housing Market Ever Return to Peak Prices?

For homeowners who bought at the top of the boom ten years ago, waiting to regain the equity they lost when home values crashed from 2006 to 2008 has been a tough slog.

Since so many markets were overpriced during the boom, is it really such a good thing for all of them to return to peak levels? California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona were just four states where markets soared at double digit rates, far above prices that families earning the local median incomes could afford.

Some of those markets are still out of whack today, as prices recover. One thing we learned during the bubble and bust is that real estate is not as risk-free as many once believed.

What does the recovery look like?

During the period when prices were really popping during the boom, 2003-2006, some 16 million families bought homes. Let’s assume for the sake of argument half of those buyers, say 10 million, bought homes at prices higher than they would pay today. Some 4 million defaulted on their mortgages and lost their homes to foreclosure or short sale.

Most of the six million remaining homeowners have paid their mortgages every month, lacking the equity to sell or refinance, and now they are reaping the rewards of their perseverance., which has been tracking 300 of the nation’s largest markets as they restore value, reports that 46 percent have now reached or exceeded the median price levels they reached at the very peak of the boom.

“With the strong sales and price appreciation this spring and summer, it’s just a matter of a few months before more than half of the top three hundred largest markets in the nation will reach or exceed their highest price peaks eight years ago, “said David Mele, president of

But not all are recovering fast

Markets that are still falling short shared an important history. Those markets that rose the most during the bubble and suffered the most during the housing crash are also recovering at the slowest pace. As of May 2015, among the top 100 markets, most of the markets that lost 20 percent of their median value or less during the housing crash now have reached or exceeded their peak prices.

These include a number of markets like San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Dallas, where prices didn’t rise much during the boom but have flourished lately with the energy industry growth in recent years.

Conversely, some markets that lost more than 20 percent are still far from rebound, including Las Vegas, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Stockton. Providence, RI trails the rebound report, having gained only 18.10 percent of the median value it lost.

Will we ever return to peak values?

With housing markets reporting strong price increases this year, the speed of the rebound is picking up and it’s almost certain that we’ll break the 50 percent barrier, as Mr. Mele notes. Perhaps in another eight yeas every market will surpass its 2007 peak, even Orlando and Las Vegas. By then, many if not most of the folks who bought homes in those markets just before the bubble busted will have sold, died, defaulted or rented them out to someone else.