Don’t Refuse These 5 Stylish Refuse Bins


You already know that you can buy a high-design chicken coop, a high-design cat bed, and a high-design doghouse. (Yes, they make fancy versions of all manners of pedestrian objects—and not just ones for pets.)

Today, we bring you the high-design version of the lowly trash can. The contents may be rubbish, but that doesn’t mean the container should be.


Single Master in almond


The Single Master in Almond

Single Master Waste Bin by Wesco, $128.99

We’re fond of the almond-colored power-coated steel on this handsome fella, though it also comes in white, black, and red. This one is 2 gallons, but it comes in other sizes.

Dotted VIPP


The Dotted Vipp

VIPP Spot Bin by Damien Hirst, $475

If you weren’t impressed by the sleek lines of the traditional VIPP, perhaps one designed by a world-renowned artist will catch your eye. Damien Hirst’s colorful dots are a lot nicer to look at than the piece he made with the cow.



Spaceboy in orange


The Spaceboy in orange


Spaceboy Waste Bin by Wesco, $349.99

How did you ever store your trash in something so backward-looking as a plain cylinder? This Spaceboy also comes in red, almond, and space-age “new silver.”


Korzina in green

Karim Rashid for Casamania

The Korzina in green

Korzina Garbage Can by Karim Rashid for Casamania, $325

Korzina sounds quite exotic, though in reality it’s close to the Russian word for “can”—but what a nice can! It also comes in pink, orange, blue, and silver.


Magis in white and orange

designer Jasper Morrison

The Magis in white and red

Made of injection-molded polypropylene (plastic!), the Magis trash bin also comes in beige and black. You can get them in two sizes and in four-packs, each of the same color.