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That the safety and security of all our data files is very important and a crucial aspect of life these days is no secret and the need to safeguard the information both personal and official is critical to the smooth running of daily activities. The smart phone is one of the best devices that could have happened to humanity but it is not without its downside like other amazing gadgets. The downside here is that the data safety and information security is at risk if care is not taken to make it secure. There are many disadvantages of leaving the smart phone without any safety measure as you might run the risk of losing not just information but also losing the value of a lot of your hard work or hard earned money and so it is inevitable that you secured it all perfectly.

The remedy:

The remedy the situation is quintessential when you have the slightest doubt that someone in your office is prying on your stuff. To stop it right at the beginning, you have to install the leo privacy guard app but before that a LEO privacy Guard review would go a long way in ensuring that you are picking up the right application and have an understanding of what it will actually do for you. The installation of this is where it all begins as it is a very easy and user friendly application to have for quite a long time.


The application gets updated very regularly and the latest version happens to be the current 3.2 which has been installed by more than fifty million to more than a billion subscribers. The app is rated very regularly as well and it has been reviewed regularly to check out how the customers are thinking about it. There are many testimonials that are very positive and the easy and simple nature of the application is what draws people to it more than the others in the market. The latest version requires an android 4 and above, but the good news is that it is versatile and can installed and used in any platform or operating system. It is compatible with all the devices starting from the smart phone to the tablets and more.

How it works:

The application is very easy and it can be masked under the files that you have for the phone. It is masked by using very beautiful and interesting pictures as icons and this is quite handy if you want to keep the others guessing what it could be. When it can hide it really works and it is very useful to help you to extending the battery time and you need not recharge it that often as before. It is very quick to give you alerts if any breaking in is found. You can hide the media files like photos, videos and audio recordings so that the break in does not happen.

No loop holes:

When it comes any application, one cannot be sure whether it is the most efficient app that is around and hence it has this smart function to find out the loop holes that might occur and the scan aspect of the app is also very effective. It scans and finds the loop holes in the wi fi network so that any discrepancy can be corrected and the app can be updated accordingly.

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If you are worried your data is at risk, the best way is to install it but first check the LEO privacy Guard review.