Know Your Environment

We all want to feel secure in knowing that we are as safe as possible in our dwellings, regardless of where we live. This holds true for rental properties as well. Crime can take place anywhere and at any time. This is why taking proactive safety measures can often be the difference between becoming a victim of a burglary and/or home invasion or not.

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Know Your Environment…

Studies show that apartment dwellers are over 80 percent more likely to be the victim of a robbery in their rental homes. This is why it pays to be in the “know” when it comes to selecting a new place to call home. Do your homework. Check crime stat websites to see what’s going on in your considered neighborhood. Drive by and observe the activity that takes place at your prospective residence, both during daytime hours and at night. Another key factor that you should pay attention to is the lighting. There’s no such thing as too much lighting when it comes to safety, but it is possible to have insufficient lighting, particularly at night. Pay attention to any activity that you see going on around your prospective place of residence and observe the lighting and any other conditions that could impact your safety negatively.

The Upkeep Speaks Volumes…

One huge possible indicator of how well a rental property is cared for is the general upkeep of the place. Do you see broken windows, cracked drywall, and water stains? Is the lawn and landscaping cared for? Do the maintenance men leave windows and doors unlocked when they perform air conditioning repair cypress tx? This could indicate that the property is not very high on the landlord’s list of priorities which could indicate that your safety may not be too important to them as well.

Pay Attention to the Entrance…

Is the rental property gated? IS there a doorman or some other mechanism that requires permission before entry, and if so, is it in working order? These are all things to consider. A gated community is not really “gated” if the gates are never really in working order. The same is true if the doorman is rarely there to let people in or buzz people in. Whatever the set up is, make sure that it’s working as it’s intended too.

The security of yourself and your family is extremely important. This is why it behooves you to do your homework before signing a lease. Don’t discredit any of your observations, or assume anything. Observe everything about your potential surroundings, from the upkeep to the entrances. All these details are important components that could affect your safety.