Brighten Up The Room

Designing your daughter’s bedroom might seem like a challenge, but when you look for job leads for contractors, you’ll see that there are several companies who have modern ideas and are able to deliver the designs that she will want in the bedroom. Have an idea in mind before contacting the contractor so that the person can better work with what is desired in the way of colors, flooring and decorations that are added.

A fun idea would be to transform the room into one that looks like it’s in a cottage. This might be better for a younger girl than it would be for an older teen, but the design is comfortable and bright as pastel colors are often used. Add 3D designs to the walls with ceiling decorations that are attached to one side. Hardwood flooring with a light green or pink carpet would be beautiful in this type of room. Use a carpet that matches the color that is on the walls.


If there isn’t a lot of storage space, then let the contractor add a recessed closet or a study space. This will give plenty of room for a desk along with a bookcase. You could have a desk area on one side of the bed and a closet on the other as long as there is enough support with the wall to allow for this type of renovation. If your daughter wants to make a statement in the room, then consider a poster bed that has the posters painted in a bright color, like orange or pink. Add blankets that are in a pattern with the colors of the posters and a rug that features a fun design, such as zebra stripes. A bed that is placed beside a large window offers a comfortable setting. Plush blankets and cushions that have fur on them also offer a relaxing setting. For the girl who enjoys art, consider getting a few pieces from a museum or a few pieces that she has drawn that can be framed and placed on a wall of a bright color, like blue or orange.