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While a crack in your wall can be ugly, it could the sign of a serious problem if you don’t tackle the issue.  Some cracks can be normal and will come from the natural aging of your home, while a horizontal crack could be a sign of a severe foundation issue.  If you have noticed cracks in your wall as of late, here are some reasons they may have formed:

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Weather Changes

The changes in the weather can cause materials in your home to shrink or expand, depending on the current weather conditions.  If your cracks are due to the weather, most of the time, it won’t be a big deal; however, if the cracks appear to be deep and wide, it may be a red flag, requiring the help of a professional.


A house, over time, can settle naturally, especially after being built.  This is true; however, a home can settle too much if it wasn’t built on a good foundation.  When this happens, your home will form deep cracks as the home pulls away from the walls, making it appear as if it wants to sail away.


While water makes our lives so much easier, water slipping into the wrong places can cause real big problems as too much of it can cause rot, bloat or even mold, which, in turn, can weaken your walls, causing them to crumble.  If your walls are starting to crack or even appear to be crumbling, this could be a sign of water damage and must be taken care of promptly to avoid serious consequences in the future.

Too Much Weight

Sometimes, cracks can stem from heavy loads being placed on the floors or ceiling.  For example, a heavier light fixture that’s too large for the ceiling can cause cracks.  The same could be said about a heavier item that’s placed on the floor above.

When to Call in the Professionals

If you’re unsure what’s causing the cracks, then it’s safe to bring in a professional to assess your situation to make sure it’s not a concern.  Finding a professional in your area is fairly easy and will most likely only require a quick search online.  For instance, if you lived in Erie, Pennsylvania, then a search such as wall crack repair Erie PA would yield some decent results.  When hiring, just be sure the contractor is licensed, insured and has good references.

Cracks inside your home will never look pretty and can range from an annoyance to a serious red flag.  If you’re scratching your head, wondering what’s causing them, then it’s safe to pick up the phone and call a contractor as soon as you can.