5 Questions to Ask Before Planning a Home Addition

Thoughts of adding an addition to your home are lovely, but you need to make sure it is a practical project before beginning. Below are the most critical five questions to ask when you are mulling the decision to add space to your home.


Why do you need the extra space?


Every great new addition to home begins with planning. If you could have a completed home addition done tomorrow, why would you need the space? Perhaps you need a more massive kitchen, an extra bathroom, a spare bedroom, or a stylish all-purpose room for the entire family to enjoy. It will help to understand your needs before delving any further into the planning stages.

Where do you plan the location of the addition?


Understanding that any addition placed onto the home will reduce the size of your property, you need to establish where you would like the extra square footage to go. It will help to reduce plumbing costs if you place a new kitchen or bathroom near existing pipes and drains.


What amenities need installed?


The addition of plumbing fixtures with bathrooms and kitchens will entail more work and higher expenses than a basic family room or bedroom. You have to worry about lighting and electrical outlets with an extra room, but additional plumbing requires more professional expertise, fixtures, and materials.


What is your budget?


Depending on the size and type of home addition you want, the cost can climb to $125,000 or more. What is the budget you have for the project? Will you have the ability to include all of the wants? It is the perfect time to begin trimming and paring to what is essential and affordable if needed.


What type of contractors do you need?


Beyond the custom construction contractor, you might also have to include electrical and plumbing contractors for the project. You need to make sure you secure estimates for all parts of the job from start to finish. Unexpected expenses can kill your budget.


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