Switch to a More Durable Chimney Chase Cover

Much can be learned about the health of your chimney by the looks and performance of the chimney chase cover. Older covers that have seen a few seasons use and are made of poor quality materials can leave your home vulnerable to moisture problems.

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What is a chimney chase cover?

The chase cover for a chimney is a metal top that keeps unwanted items like animals, leaves, branches, and water from accessing the chimney. It allows for the release of smoke. It is normally constructed of metal and requires a change every few years, especially with the regular seasonal use of the chimney.


Galvanized Steel Chase Covers

Galvanized steel constructed chase covers are touted to last longer due to the galvanizing process. The truth is they will begin to rust after a few seasons and require replacement. You may end up having to change the chase cover earlier than expected due to the deteriorated look of rusty metal on your home.


Upgrade to a Stainless Steel Chase Cover

A stainless steel chimney chase cover will look better and last longer than any other available. It is more resistant to moisture and corrosion. Switching to a stainless steel chase cover will eliminate the rust bleed that can happen on the side of your home from most galvanized products.


Improve the Looks and Function of Your Chimney Chase Cover

Switching to a quality stainless steel chimney chase cover will ensure you get more years of use, an improved look to the outside of your home, and less fear of water damage. Your chase cover is an important barrier to keeping unwanted moisture from directly accessing your chimney and coming into your home.


Get Needed Chimney Repairs Before Adding the New Chase Cover

The perfect time to get necessary repairs to any damaged areas of your chimney is during the process of upgrading your chase cover. Get brick repair Montgomery County MD and other maintenance issues resolved by experts like High’s Chimney Service. Your fireplace will operate better and safer anytime it is needed.

It is time to get rid of your chimney chase cover if it is rusted and beginning to deteriorate. Switching to a stainless steel cover will provide the protection you need over a longer time span.