Four Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce

For an individual who is seriously considering divorce, it is good for them to learn as much as they can about the process. Here are four frequently asked questions about divorce. Of course, the laws in your city may vary. It is wise to consult attorneys Vancouver WA before making any final decisions.

One question that people often wonder about is what a no-fault divorce actually is. Traditionally, when a person wanted to get a divorce, they had to prove that their spouse had done something that would justify a divorce. There had to be something that was officially recognized to justify it. Some of these things would include insanity, spouse abuse, adultery, or going to prison for a felony. This meant that getting a divorce was quite difficult and required a lot of money, time, and effort. Now, many places have a no-fault divorce law, which basically allows one party to get a divorce if they simply do not want to be married to the other individual anymore.


Another question people wonder about is what an uncontested divorce is. This basically means that both parties agree on the terms of the divorce, and there is no opposition to what is being requested. They agree on things like the division of debt and assets, child custody, and alimony.


How does a person go about filing for a divorce? The first step is to file a document with the local court system. It is usually called a petition or a complaint. If your spouse is in agreement with the divorce, they may not have a copy of this complaint served on them. However, if they are in disagreement with it, it is likely that the Sheriff’s office or someone else who has been designated as a server will deliver a copy of this complaint to them.


Another common question people have is how long it actually takes to get a divorce. There are so many things that will factor into the amount of time needed for a divorce. These include things like residency requirements, waiting periods, and separation requirements. Your family lawyer can help you answer this questions.