Accessing Driving Resources on the Internet

When you are on OTR driver, you may not have a lot of time to check printed resources for your driving. You need to stay on the go so you can keep on track and make your deliveries on time.

Still, you need access to those resources so you can adjust your driving as necessary. You can click here with your website or mobile browser to find OTR resources, driving info, and more today.

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Mobile Browser Access

When you are out on the road, you may not have a lot of opportunities to use a laptop or desktop computer. Even if you bring your laptop or tablet with you, you may not be able to use them while you are out on the road. You need a faster and easier way to get on the Internet and access the websites you use for driving.

The website is accessible from your mobile browser, which means you can use your smartphone or tablet to get on it and check whatever you need for driving. It is available anytime day or night. The information is updated and made relevant regardless of the time you check it or from what location.

Gas Rates, Washouts, and More

Knowing the latest driving conditions is important in your line of work. You need to know what roads are open and passable as well as what routes are blocked off or washed out because of current weather conditions.

The website has all of the route information you need to drive safely. You can plan out your driving days in advance. You can also change it at the last moment as needed.

With gas rates fluctuating at all times, you also need to know where to find the cheapest diesel rates. Especially if you are paying for your own fuel, you need to keep your expenses at the lowest rates possible. The website keeps the rates updated for your convenience.

Accessing the Internet on the road no longer requires a connection for your laptop or computer. You can use your mobile browser and access driving and rate information as needed when you go to the company’s website today.