Living in New York’s Financial District

When you live in New York City’s financial district, you have access to one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in Manhattan. The financial district encompasses the southern tip of the island with the Hudson River to the west, the East river to the east and the magnificent New York Harbor to the south. Financial district apartments offer splendid views of the Hudson River as well as parks, restaurants, high-end shopping opportunities and many cultural landmarks.

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The Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most celebrated New York City landmarks adjacent to the Financial District is the Brooklyn Bridge. When the Bridge was first completed in 1883, it was the only overland passage between the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Bridge is nearly 6,000 feet long, and it was the first suspension bridge that used steel rather than iron in its cables.

Initially, the Brooklyn Bridge carried light rail and horse-drawn vehicles. There was also a separate course way for pedestrians and bicycles that continues to be open to this day. Cable cars ran across the bridge until 1909. Trolleys continued running on the bridge until 1956 when they were replaced by municipal buses.

The Brooklyn Bridge in the Movies

A number of movies have showcased the Brooklyn Bridge:

• “Splash”: In one of the most memorable scenes in the movie “Splash,” the mermaid Madison, played by Darryl Hannah, stands in front the Brooklyn Bridge and stares moodily at the Hudson River.

• “On the Town”: In the 1949 musical “On the Town,” Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Jules Munshin sing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge as part of the montage that pays homage to New York City’s iconic attractions.

• “Annie Hall”: Alvy Singer confesses his “lurve” for the titular Annie Hall right in front of the Brooklyn Bridge in this classic, Oscar-winning film Glimpses of the Brooklyn Bridge can also be seen in other scenes as director Woody Allen showcases New York City.

• “Hudson Hawk”: One of the chase scenes in “Hudson Hawk” involving cat burglars Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello takes place on the Brooklyn Bridge.