4 Common Metal Roofing Problems

Metal roofing is popular due to the ability to enjoy the product for 50 years or more. It’s durable, but even metal roofing needs repairs at some point. Below are four of the more common problems associated with metal roofing materials.

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Faulty Installation

Metal roofing that’s installed incorrectly will not last and can lead to a tremendous amount of water damage to your home or business. You may not realize there is a problem until the weather turns bad and you notice water free-flowing inside the building. Faulty installation can also make the roof look bad. It can cause a problem known as oil canning, which gives the metal surface a rippled or warped look.

Underside and Edge Corrosion

Corrosion can happen to areas of the metal roofing that are not immediately obvious. The underside of the metal material is a common spot for corrosion to start. Edges are another weak area that corrosion hits. Using two different types of materials with the roofing material and installation hardware can also cause isolated corrosion in those areas.

Powdering of the Surface

Over time the paint on the surface of the metal roofing material can begin to fade and look powdery. It will eventually make your roof look dated and old. Adding a UV protectant sealant periodically can help with this common problem.

Scratches and Punctures

Windy weather can lead to the roof being struck by hard objects or tree limbs, which is the leading cause of scratches and punctures of the metal material. Deep scratches and holes in the metal roofing are a huge concern with keeping water out and corrosion at bay. Frequent inspections after severe storms are a part of overall maintenance.

Expert roofing contrators in Jacksonville, FL that have experience with metal roofing know how to handle these problems with ease. Keeping your roofing materials in good shape is some of the best protection you can offer your home or business property.