Trampling On Termites

When you see insects in your home flying around, you mightthink that they are fruit flies or a common housefly that gets in through thedoors and windows. Upon further examination, you notice that there are severalof these pests concentrated in one area of your home. If you notice that theyhave long wings and thin bodies, then you might be dealing with termites. Payattention to where you see the pests in your home as many termites tend to livein walls and dark spaces. Fortunately, there are termite treatments Fort MyersFL pest control companies offer that can get rid of them and keep them awayfrom your home. Keep in mind that you might need to have your home treated afew times in order to completely eliminate the termites.

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If you think that you have termites, pay attention to the walls in your home or wooden staircases. You’ll usually see blistering in these areas. You can often see damaged wood around your home as well. If termites swarm, then you’ll notice discarded wings and dead termites, usually on the floor and in large numbers. Termites can get into your home from above the ground or below depending on what kind they are.

Once the pest control company has detected the presence of termites, then the work will begin to eradicate them. A treatment plan will often be crafted based on the kind of termites you have and the type of home you have. Most companies have solutions that can be sprayed inside and outside your home to kill termite homes and to prevent them from building new homes. Sometimes, your home might have to be tented so that the solutions used are effective. This means that you wouldn’t be able to stay inside your home for a few days while the solutions work to kill the termites. Most companies offer an annual inspection to ensure that the termites don’t come back.