10 Fantastic Kid-Friendly Suburbs to Move to This Year

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Ready to swap those bright city lights for quiet suburban nights? For families with school-age children, the answer is often “yes.” Whether it’s safe neighborhoods, better public schools or community activities, families will likely find kid-friendly environments out in the ‘burbs. Fortunately, there are plenty of suburbs that offer both easy access to the city and an abundance of family-friendly amenities. Here are 10 of the best suburbs for kids (and adults!) in the U.S. right now.

10 Best Suburbs for Kids (and Adults)

  1. Alpharetta, GA
    Considered one of the best places to raise kids in the Atlanta area, Alpharetta offers parents plenty of top-rated schools, public parks and safe, gated communities. Average test scores in the suburb are 20 percent higher than the national average. Alpharetta is also home to Alpharetta High School, named the fifth best public high school in Georgia by Niche.com. Local families spend much of their time in Wills Park, a park and recreation center with walking trails, equestrian sports, swimming pools, ball fields and a dog park. AreaVibes also gives the city high marks for its excellent amenities, high graduation rates, stable housing market and low crime rates.Median Home Price: $480,000
    Population: 65,799
    AreaVibes Score: 84
  2. Brentwood, TN
    Located just outside Nashville, this Music City suburb is one of the most family-friendly places to call home in the South. In addition to its top-rated public schools, Brentwood offers plenty of tasty restaurants, bike trails and public parks. Recently, the City of Brentwood was also included in Business Insider’s “50 Best Suburbs in America” list. AreaVibes gives the suburb high marks for its many amenities, low crime rates, high graduation rates and high income per capita.Median Home Price: $630,000
    Population: 42,667
    AreaVibes Score: 82
  3. Carmel, IN
    Rated as WalletHub’s second best small city in America, Carmel offers some of the best public schools and family-friendly amenities in the country. The Indianapolis suburb is home to an exceptionally high number of school-age children and families. In fact, according to Livability, the percentage of kids in Carmel is 13 percent higher than what you’ll find in most other cities. The suburb’s emphasis on the performing arts, after school activities and community programs make it a great place to raise a family.  AreaVibes gives the small city high marks for its A+ amenities, low crime rates, excellent schools and high income per capita.Median Home Price: $363,500
    Population: 92,198
    AreaVibes Score: 86
  4. Coppell, TX
    Located 30 minutes outside of Dallas, the suburb of Coppell is perfect for families looking for more space, larger lots and excellent schools. Average test scores in the suburb are 83 percent higher than the national average. In addition to a plethora of educational opportunities, kids will find plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy including the well-know Coppell Aquatic and Recreation Center as well as the 66-acre Coppell Nature Park. AreaVibes also gives Coppell high marks for its stable housing market, high graduation rates, low crime rates, high income per capita and abundance of local amenities.Median Home Price: $450,000
    Population: 41,941
    AreaVibes Score: 91
  5. Los Altos, CA
    Rated as second best place to live in California, this San Francisco suburb offers families an ideal community to call home. From the mild weather and many outdoor activities to the top-rated public schools and safe neighborhoods, Los Altos is a true suburban paradise for children. Nearby, families will find the Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo, a museum with hands-on science exhibits and live animals. Families will also find plenty of kid-friendly restaurants and amenities. AreaVibesgives the suburb high marks for its top-rated schools, low crime rates, high income per capita, many amenities and sunny weather.Median Home Price: $3.5M
    Population: 30,743
    AreaVibes Score: 86
  6. Minnetonka, MN
    Known for its lake surroundings and many outdoor activities, kids in Minnetonka experience the ultimate summer. From fishing and boating to swimming and water sports, the lake life offers numerous outdoor entertainment options. The Minneapolis suburb is also home to more than 90 miles of biking and walking trails. Families enjoy the nearby Shady Oak Beach as well as the suburb’s many casual eateries. AreaVibes gives the family-friendly town high marks for its many amenities, low crime rates, high graduation rates and high income per capita.Median Home Price: $350,000
    Population: 53,085
    AreaVibes Score: 78
  7. Naperville, IL
    Families flock to Naperville for its top-rated public schools, tight-knit community and kid-focused activities. The suburb is home to a Children’s Museum, several nature preserves and numerous hiking and biking trails – all family-friendly. Thanks to the town’s many amenities, Niche.comnamed Naperville the number one place in America to raise a family. The suburb’s schools are also some of the best in the Chicago area. AreaVibes reports that test scores in the town are 25 percent higher than the national average. The website also gives Naperville high marks for its high graduation rates, local amenities and stable housing market.Median Home Price: $440,000
    Population: 147,122
    AreaVibes Score: 75
  8. Newton, MA
    With its picturesque, tree-lined streets, quality public schools and family-friendly amenities, Newton is one of the most highly sought-after Boston-area suburbs. It’s also the recipient of numerous laudations (recently, WalletHub named it one of the best small cities in America, and Money Magazine named it one of the best places to live in the U.S.). Children will find all sorts of activities in and around the suburb including numerous playgrounds, libraries and skating rinks. AreaVibes also gives the small city high marks for its low crime rates, many amenities, high income per capita and top schools.Median Home Price: $1.1M
    Population: 88,994
    AreaVibes Score: 80
  9. Plano, TX
    Dallas-area families will find plenty to love about Plano, Texas. This large suburban community is home to several major corporations as well as excellent public schools and numerous family-friendly activities. From its nature preserves and parks to its exceptionally low crime rates and many educational opportunities, Plano is as kid-friendly as it gets. AreaVibes also gives the suburb high marks for its many amenities, high graduation rates, stable housing market and sunny weather.Median Home Price: $379,000
    Population: 286,057
    AreaVibes Score: 91
  10. Wellesley, MA
    This affluent Boston suburb is a favorite among families for its cultural activities, historic sites and top-rated public schools. Kids will enjoy the town’s Davis Museum, one of the oldest academic fine art museums in the country, as well as the town’s many events, fairs and festivals. Wellesley is also home to numerous hiking trails and outdoor activities. Families will find some of the best elementary, middle and high schools in the country. Average test scores in the suburb are 71 percent higher than the national average. AreaVibes also gives Wellesley high marks for its numerous amenities, low crime rates and high income per capita.Median Home Price: $1.5M
    Population: 28,909
    AreaVibes Score: 78

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