Advantages of using our wiping T-shirt rags

Using rags made from recycled tee shirts has several benefits over using other materials for wiping up spills and messes. These rags are washable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Whether you need to clean up a big mess or a smaller spill, these rags are a great choice.

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T shirt rags are sturdy and stand up well to repeated washing. This means that you can toss them in the wash pile as soon as they are messy and know they will come out of the wash fresh and ready for another round. There is no growing waste as with paper products used for cleanup, and they hold up better than many other washable materials.

Because t shirt rags are long lasting, you can buy them and then forget about purchasing again. There is no need to constantly update this part of your cleaning supply checklist because they stand up so well to use. Some other supposedly reusable cleaning rags fall apart after a few washes. This is not a concern with t shirt rags.

It should go without saying, but using washable rags rather than disposable products is better for the environment. Not only does using rags for cleanup mean less waste in landfills, but by purchasing t shirt rags you are supporting the recycling of materials.

You may be worried that using washable rags for cleanup just gives you another cleanup duty, but washing t shirt rags is simple and requires little special effort. Have a basket handy to toss your used rags in, and when you have enough to wash as a single load, toss them in the washing machine.

For the most sanitary process, use hot water, detergent, and bleach, however, this isn’t necessary in many cases. If most of your cleanup is wiping up spills, wiping down furniture and similar, you can wash in warm water and regular detergent. Regardless of how you wash them, skip the fabric softener, as this can have a negative effect on the absorbency of the rags. To get the most benefit and convenience from using rags for cleanup, have enough so you always have a clean one ready to grab, and so you don’t have to wash them until you have a full load.