How to Prepare For Being Locked Outside of Your Vehicle

Most people are busy with trying to provide for their families. It is easy to forget and lock your keys on the inside of your vehicle. If you have ever locked your keys into your car, then you know it is a frustrating feeling. Read on to find out how to prepare for being locked outside of your vehicle.

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Get a Car Lock Pick Set

A car lock pick set allows you to open a locked car door. You have to find the right lock pick tools for your vehicle. Some manufacturers make specific vehicle brands. Every vehicle make has its own unique keying system. However, your kit should contain a tension tool.

A tension tool applies a twisting force to the plugs when lock picking. It helps to have a variety of tension tools with different size gaps. You want to have tension tools that can fit any type of lock. It helps to stash a car lock pick set in a familiar place in case of an emergency.

Hide an Extra Set of Keys

If you are always getting locked out of your vehicle, then you may want to hide an extra set of keys. Small magnetic boxes are available on the market. They allow you to hide your keys on your vehicle. This box sticks to the metal surface of the frame or body. However, you should place the box in a concealed location on your vehicle. It should not be in a spot where the box can get loose and fall.

Sign Up for a Telematics System

A telematics system locates your vehicle using a GPS. Examples of these systems are Mbrace, OnStar and Blue Link. These systems have a toll free number that you call to get your doors unlocked. They also have apps that allow the smart phone to unlock their own door.

It is important to stay calm and follow through with your preparation plan. If your plan is not working, then you can always call 911 for help. Every day is not going to always go as planned. If you are having a bad day and lock your keys in the car, then you should know how to respond.