Baby Basket Ideas

You’ve learned that someone you know is expecting a baby, but the person doesn’t know the gender of the baby. You can still give one of many gender neutral baby gifts in the form of a basket using colors like green and yellow. The basket should be a neutral color as well, such as white or brown, instead of one that has details that lean more toward one gender or the other.

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Try to add one item that the person has requested or that is listed on the gift registry that the person has created. The item that you choose to include is up to you, but sometimes you can find items that can be used as the container for the other gifts that you want to give. An example would be using a diaper bag instead of a basket with bath items and clothes inside. You don’t have to get everything on the registry or even look at the registry. Instead, you can come up with a fun basket idea of your own that includes items that you know the baby will need and maybe even a few items that the mother can use.

A themed basket is the easiest one to put together. If you’re doing a bath theme, then consider using a tub as the container. You can then add washcloths, bath wash, lotion, towels, and pajamas for the baby and a few candles so that the mother can take a relaxing bubble bath. Another idea would be to make a mealtime basket. This would be a fun gift to make as some people might not think about the items that are used when feeding a baby aside from bottles and bibs. Include teethers, pacifiers, spoons, bibs, a few containers of baby cereal, and maybe a highchair if it’s in your budget or a small chair that can be put on the floor or at the dining table at mealtime.