Make Your Front Yard Pop

Summer is coming, and it is time to start thinking about the landscaping. Make your front yard pop this year with color and light by using some of the following tips. You will be adding curb appeal to your home while creating a fun and interesting space everyone can enjoy.

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The Basic Foundation

The first step to a beautiful front lawn is to create a good foundation. Treat your grass to fertilizer for lush growth along with a reliable weed killer to eliminate unwanted plants that can crowd the grass out. Clean out the flower beds and add a layer of new mulch to freshen things up a bit. These little details will give you a wonderful foundation to build upon.

The Flowers and Accessories

Use flowers to bring that much-needed pop of color to the area. You can go with a monochromatic look by using several types of blooms all in one color, or choose similar blooms in a variety of bright colors. Whichever design you choose, continue the pattern by adding the same type of plants and flowers to window boxes, hanging baskets on the porch, and urns on each side of the front door.

Add Lighting

Keep your front lawn looking terrific right into the evening by adding the landscape lighting overland park residents have available to them. Use it to light sidewalks and drives as well as draw attention to specific areas within the flower beds. You can also include a lamp post at the end of your walkway where it meets the drive to both add beauty and provide safety. Don’t forget to include a few solar powered lawn ornaments to bring your personality into the space.

Create a colorful and beautiful front lawn this year with some creative landscaping. Start with a good basic foundation and bring in flowers and accessories for added interest. Finish it off with the proper lighting, and you will have a front yard you’ll be proud to call your own.