Three Ways to Feel Safer

The world is a scary place, but you can’t hide away in your home because of it. The trick is to discover ways to make yourself feel safer whether alone or hanging out with friends and family. Use the following three tips to get you started.

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Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The worst thing you can do is walk around oblivious to your surroundings. Always be aware of who you are walking past, if anyone is following you, and where you are headed. Never walk along staring at your phone. You will become so absorbed in what you are looking at, you will miss crucial red flags. Dangerous people look for those who are distracted. When you do sense danger, go with it. Don’t try to talk your self out of that fear.

Keep Your Doors Locked

That remote that unlocks your doors as you approach the car is wonderful, but make sure it isn’t opening the doors to strangers as well. Wait until you are at the car to unlock the door, and lock them immediately after getting in. Once you are home, keep all doors and windows locked, especially when sleeping. If you don’t already have a deadbolt, get one installed for added protection.

Conealed Carry Permit

You don’t want to walk around like a gunfighter from the Old West, but it can make you feel more confident to carry a gun. Take the proper classes and become legally certified to carry before walking around with a weapon. Once you have the education and licensing needed, purchase gun concealment purses or a concealed holster to keep your weapon in safely. The key is to be smart about how and when you use your gun.

By always being aware of your surroundings, keeping doors locked, and possibly arming yourself, you can build your confidence. Don’t let fear keep you from enjoying life. Simply look for ways in which you can overcome those fears for a healthy and happy life.