‘Superfoods For Superwomen,’ Imperial’s Masterclass Was A Tribute To Desi Ingredients That Deserve All The Praise

'Superfoods For Superwomen,' Imperial's Masterclass Was A Tribute To <I> Desi </I> Ingredients That Deserve All The Praise

The Imperial rang in their women’s day celebrations with a hint of all things healthy and yummy. Seldom do we care about what goes onto our plate, the ingredients used and how beneficial would it prove to us in the long run. The Imperial Culinary Club’s special cookout session, ‘Superfoods For Superwomen,’ focused on the strong need to address one’s nutritional needs, for holistic wellbeing. More often than not, the secret lies in our kitchens, and in ingredients, which are slowly becoming global sensation of sorts. Turmeric, spinach, cumin, pomegranate, beetroot, walnuts and tea are now regarded as superfoods in the world of health and nutrition.


(L to R) Chef Parul Pratap with Anamika Singh from Anandini Himalaya Tea

Chef Parul Pratap and Tea Sommelier Anamika Singh led a live culinary session on super food recipes and tea infusions at the Danielle’s Tavern, Imperial on Tuesday, 5th March. As the ladies took the centre stage, they also told us how these ingredients have been an intrinsic part of our daily lives for the longest time and why must you rediscover its relevance in your kitchen pantry. While cooking Pumpkin Risotto and Basil Butter and Oats Apple Crumble, Chef Parul kept the audience hooked with how these delicious recipes could easily be prepared with locally available and traditional veggies. Tea sommelier Anamika Singh also kept the interactive masterclass charged with her delectable tea blends and exciting tit bits on the brewed beverage.


Tea sommelier Anamika Singh kept an interactive masterclass charged with delectable tea blends. 

While expressing her views on superfoods and its use in our diet, Chef Parul Pratap said, “Food heals! Food is the medicine for not just the soul but several ailments as well, by including certain ingredients in our everyday meals and snacks; we can aid healing and enhance the nutritive value of what we eat. There is no need to abstain from certain food groups unless there is a pre-existing medical condition; the objective of eating well should be balance and optimum use of fresh, local and healthy ingredients. By using super foods in our daily meals, we can make every dish delicious and healthy, without compromising on indulgence or taste.”


Walnut Pomegranate Chicken With Wholewheat Pita


Oats Apple Crumble


Pumpkin Risotto With Basil Butter

Anamika Singh said, “When you spend time in making the mug of tea that connects with your core, you gift yourself four minutes of ‘precious’ through that sunshine in a cup.”

She also gave us some handy tips to brew a perfect cup of tea. Know your source, read the label, water is the mother of tea, it is very important to understand its relevance. Time is the essence of a perfectly brewed cup of tea. And, it’s very important to sip your tea and not drink it, create and experience with a cup of tea, pair and infuse accordingly.

The masterclass concluded with a lavish hi tea, featuring Chef Parul’s menu and some enlightening discussions.