3 Essentials To Include Before Finishing Your Basement

Adding additional living space in your home is not only great for the support and comfort of your household but for the value of your home altogether. However, when you’re considering renovating your basement, there are certain things every homeowner should include before calling it finished. Read on to discover three essential things to include before settling on your new project, guaranteeing that you get the absolute most from your extra square footage.

Ample Storage Space

There’s one thing that basements are great for, and that’s giving you extra storage space to meet your family’s needs. When you’re designing your space early on with experts in basement construction Anne Arundel County MD, be sure to spend time deciding on the most functional storage options for your home. Including built-in shelving and furnishings that double as storage units is crucial for keeping your home organized for the long-term.

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Invest in a Fireplace

Fireplaces are great add-ons for any room renovation. They provide lovely ambiance and warmth, helping to keep your basement heated without the need for fighting with the thermostat upstairs. Meanwhile, it simply adds a visual focal point that gives the area more allure, a great finishing touch that makes great renovations so wonderful.

Install Proper Lighting

Nothing is more important to a finished basement space than having abundant lighting options around the room. Since most basements are underground, having any natural light flowing into the space is generally not accessible. Therefore, including recessed lighting in the ceiling for widespread brightness, or adding decorative sconces and fixtures in darker corners for ambiance, are all spectacular choices for creating the most comfortable and cozy ambiance for your new living area.

Finished basements can bring a lot of functionality and style to a home. Remember to implement any of these three key ideas for upgrading your basement space and ensure that you’re completing the room the right way.