Home Style: Simple Updates, Big Wow Factor

Thanks to home design shows, magazines and social media trends, the ideas are never-ending when it comes to home renovation. Are you interested in taking on home updates, but scared to tackle it all at once? Start small with some of these simple updates and transform your home over time without breaking the bank. The best part? These easy fixes bring major wow factor and instantly update a space.

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Floors Galore

Tired of your dirty carpet, kitchen tile or mudroom entryway? An easy fix is new flooring. Explore the endless opportunities of hardwood, tile, brick and carpet to select the best flooring for your needs. Live in Texas? Consider hardwood flooring in highland village to update your home’s floors in one or many rooms.

Perfect Paint

Another quick and relatively inexpensive home update involves rolling up your sleeves. You guessed it, paint! Color can instantly transform a room, whether it be your kitchen, living room or nursery. If you want to experiment with a bolder color, paint is a great way to do so without investing in brand new furniture or artwork in that hue. You can always paint over with a new color to try another look! Think about hiring a professional or turn the project into a fun event with family and friends to get the job done. Some projects like fresh paint may even increase the beauty of your home while simultaneously boosting home value, a win-win if you ever plan to resell.

Fixture Fixes

Check out your local hardware store for fresh fixtures to instantly amp up style. Perhaps it’s time to update those doorknobs, kitchen drawer pulls, light fixtures or bathroom faucets. Small updates like these are a great way to slowly transform a space while saving money for larger renovation projects.

No matter your home update, simply fixes can boost the style and wow factor of your home.