4 Things To Bring A Vintage Vibe To Your Room

4 Things To Bring A Vintage Vibe To Your Room

Some vintage vibes for your room?

A lot of people are now getting furniture pieces and decor items that follow a theme, Floral, white, distressed, vintage – these are a few types of things people usually go for when thinking of decorating their living space. Vintage, especially, works beautifully for a lot of rooms. Add some statement pieces and it looks amazing. If you are looking to redecorate your room and want to bring a vintage vibe to it, we got your back. Here are a few things you can get.

A mirror goes long way to bring style and elegance to a room. And if it’s a vintage looking mirror then it does so even more. With that in mind, this Tied Ribbons decorative wall mirror will work wonderfully to bring some antique vibes to your room. Priced at Rs 799, you can get this here.


What is the best way to being some old London to your room? Add an antique wall clock? Yes, please! This Efinito Gifts 12-inch vintage double sided wall clock will look great hanging in one corner of your room. This piece is priced at Rs 1,699, and you can get it here.


Once upon a time, trunks were quite a fashionable. Now there are wooden and steel trunks that are redesigned into novelty furniture. This Elan vintage steel storage trunk with a brass lid will look super cool in your room. Priced at Rs 4,690, you can get this here.


Lastly, add some nice lights, we mean light. This NAUTICALMART decorative tripod light will bring the right balance of vintage and modern to your room. Priced at Rs 1900, you can get this here.