5 Basic Lighting Fixtures to Transform Your Home

Lighting is a powerful way to beautify and transform the atmosphere of a space.¬†General, or ambient lighting, is the main source of light in a room. Task lighting is a small, concentrated light meant for completing projects like cooking or writing. Then there’s accent lighting which draws attention to a unique object or area in your home. Learning about basic light fixtures helps you make the most informed decorating decision. Keep reading to learn about the five most basic lighting fixtures on the market.

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1. Wall Sconces

Sconces, like the sconces Westlake Village offers, are great choices for ambient lighting. Usually mounted to the wall, sconces direct light upwards or downwards. Customize your wall sconce with a variety of shades and covers to add extra style to a room.

2. Pendants

Pendant lights are an attractive option for ambient or task lighting. Usually suspended from the ceiling over a table, kitchen island, or countertop, pendant lights add glamour to a space.

3. Track

Modern and preferred by homeowners for ambient or task lighting, track lights hang suspended or mounted from the ceiling. Multiple light heads occupy the same housing structure, and even better, you can position the lights anywhere along the track.

4. Chandeliers

Classic and sophisticated, chandeliers suspended from the ceiling while adding ambient lighting. Chandeliers instantly elevate the style of any room.

5. Recessed

Recessed lights are flushed with the ceiling, and they need at least six inches or more of clearance to install. Great for task, ambient, and accent lighting, these lights point a narrow strip of light in one direction.

Choosing a light fixture has the power to transform the mood and vibe of any space in your home. Now that you know about the most common light fixtures available, start planning how to illuminate your home.