Do Fences Increase Home Value?

Whether you plan to stay in your home or there’s a move in your near future, adding a fence often positively affects home value and definitely improves curb appeal. Take a look at some information from real estate professionals.

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Focus on the Facts First

Factor in specific information such as the size of your yard and the type of fencing material you choose when coming up with an estimated cost for the fence. Measure the perimeter of your yard or the area of the yard to be fenced in linear feet and then settle on the preferred height of your fence. Most backyard fences tend to be six to eight feet tall, while fences in front of the house are commonly about three feet tall.

Consider Home Sale Prices

The actual taxable value of the home may or may not be changed by adding a fence. (Many of these factors are affected by differences from one town or city to the next.) However, a potential buyer is often willing to pay more for the home with an existing fence. Be aware, though, that some fences could hurt your chance to sell. For example, if a fence doesn’t complement the look of the home, it could be worse than no fence at all.

Think About Homeowners

If you plan to sell the home, potential buyers with children or pets often prefer properties with fences st louis county mo, and it isn’t likely that interested homeowners without either will dismiss a yard with a fence. These boundaries ensure a level of privacy and safety that many buyers appreciate.

If you aren’t planning to move, the same qualities of the fence could be equally valuable to you. In addition to safety for little ones and furry family members, the boundary around your property can reduce noise from neighbors and provide you with a little bit of privacy that would be missing otherwise.

Is a Fence Right for Your Property?

Adding value to your home is a goal that can be met in many ways. Consider this advice from realty experts as you decide whether to add a fence to your property.