Savour Some Gujarati Flavour With Methi Theplas

Savour Some Gujarati Flavour With Methi Theplas. Recipe Inside

Gujaratis are famous for their rich culture and more so, their food. Gujarati snacks like thepla, khakra, fafda anddhokla are relished not just in Gujarat but all over the country. Gujarati food stands out with its distinct flavours and spices. Gujaratis are also known to travel a lot across the world, but they always carry their huge bags of home-made meals with them, wherever they go. Their snacks are made in such a way that they have a long shelf life and still taste heavenly. Gujarat is predominantly occupied by vegetarians so their cuisine also consists of mostly veg dishes. Even non-Guajaratis have started to cook Gujarati foods at their homes because of their love for the foods’ irresistible taste.

Thepla is one of the signature Gujarati dishes that never lost its charm. It is a soft flatbread made with wheat flour, besan, bajra and spices. It is a light meal, which can be had as a midday snack or as a side dish with the main meal. Thepla is best enjoyed with curd, mint or lehsun chutney and pickles. Different versions of theplas can be created by adding other ingredients. Here, we are unveiling the process of creating methi theplas.



Methi is a green leafy vegetable, also called fenugreek in English.

Methi is a green leafy vegetable, also called fenugreek in English. This green veggie offers great taste with enormous health benefits. It loads up on dietary fibre that improves digestion and keeps tummy full for a longer time. Methi has many antioxidants and nutritional properties, which help in fighting infections, losing weight and improving metabolism.

Mumbai-based food vlogger, Alpa Modi, shares this amazing recipe of methi thepla on her YouTube channel, ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa’. See it below.

Methi thepla is an excellent meal to carry while travelling and can be stored for many days. It is also convenient to carry in lunchboxes and goes well with just about anything. Have it as a whole meal or pair it with a cup of tea – you’ll absolutely love it.