Ditch Potatoes And Make Healthy Cutlets With Poha

Recipe Video: Ditch Potatoes And Make Healthy Cutlets With Poha

  • Ditch potatoes to make cutlets with poha for a change
  • Poha is flattened rice, which is dry, flaky and super light
  • Poha is known as healthy food with various nutritive properties

When hunger strikes at odd hours, the only thing that crosses our mind first is a spicy,¬†fried snack. If even if we are watching our diet, we’ll unanimously agree that fried finger foods can whet our appetite like no other food. Every bite into the crunchy outermost layer is enough to set our tongue rolling. Cutlets, tikka or fritter can be eaten as is or paired with mint chutney or sauce. The most commonly eaten cutlets are made of potatoes. Not denying the amazing taste that potatoes offer, but it can be boring to eat or serve the same kind of cutlet every time. Bring in a change and ditch potatoes to make cutlets with poha.


Benefits of poha

Poha is flattened rice, which is dry, flaky and super light. The poha flakes rise and flare up when doused in any liquid like water or milk. A regular poha meal is a popular South-Indian breakfast meal that is considered a healthy food. That is because of the variousnutritive properties that poha flakes possess. Poha is an easily digestible food that is great for smooth digestion system and quick weight loss. Poha is also loaded up with fibres, iron and other minerals and vitamins that fulfil most of the nutritional requirements of the body.

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Using poha to make cutlets is a clever way to infuse nutrition into an otherwise not-so-healthy snack item. Due to its light and soft texture, it can be given any desirable shape or can also be rolled up, fried and passed off as a roll. Alpa Modi, a Mumbai-based food vlogger, shows how to make the delicious and healthy poha cutlet on her YouTube channel, ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa.’