5 Tips for Beating the Heat This Summer


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5 Tips for Beating the Heat This Summer No one likes that tacky, sticky feeling of sweat on the back of their neck. How can you avoid it when the summertime heat is at its peak? Here are just a few ideas for staying nice and cool! 1. Use a Ceiling Fan Ceiling fans are better than box fans and desk fans. They’ll circulate air throughout the room, and you won’t have to worry about their oscillation knocking anything over. As a bonus, you can reverse them in the wintertime to keep you warm instead of cool. 2. Stay Hydrated This might sound obvious, but many people don’t even realize when they’re getting dehydrated. The parched feeling of thirst comes long after the headaches, fatigue, irritability and bad decision-making. If you want to feel better this summer, start drinking water before you’re actually thirsty. 3. Fix Your Car Do you struggle with the air conditioner in your vehicle? It’s time to get it fixed. While some days might be cool enough to survive with the windows rolled down, there will be other days when nothing but the cool blast of the air conditioner will do. Talk to an AC shop Arlington WA about fixing everything under your hood. 4. Go Swimming Swimming is a fantastic way to stay in shape. Not only will it help to regulate your body temperature when it’s hot outside, but it’s also a low-impact activity that won’t hurt your muscles or joints. Swimming is routinely recommended for kids, seniors and pets because it promotes physical activity without causing damage to the body. 5. Eat Something Sweet It’s summer! It’s okay to sneak a popsicle or two. Even if you like to eat healthy most of the time, popsicles are basically water, sugar and food dye, so they won’t throw your system into chaos. Just don’t eat an entire box at once. These are a few simple tips for beating the heat. The sun might be shining, but you don’t have to suffer under its rays! Use these suggestions for staying cool and enjoying the season.