Let There Be Lighting

Light over the kitchen table? Check. Lamps on either side of the sofa? Check. Chandelier in the dining room? Check. Night-table light in the bedroom? Check. You’ve got lighting in all the right places—hallways, stairways, bathrooms, check—but are there other dark corners or curves that could use a little more illumination? Consider brightening up neglected spots indoors and out.

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Add a light over the kitchen sink to be sure those dishes are sparkling clean. A bulb in the closet can help you make sure you’re picking clothes that go together for sure, and the same goes for the pantry, where you’ll want to be certain you’re grabbing the right snack. Recessed lights above a shelf help your precious collectibles shine. Similarly, a wall-mounted light can call attention to a treasured painting.


Line a path with landscape lighting Apopka to add an attractive and helpful glow to your front yard or backyard. String some small lights over a porch or patio for a burst of artificial starlight. Place a motion-sensor light over the garage door so you’ll always have something shining to welcome you home—and mount more around your perimeter to startle an intruder.

In Your Pocket

Sometimes what you need is a little light close at hand when moving through a dark house. A rechargeable flashlight that plugs into a wall bracket and stands ready for service will do the trick. Nightlights nestled into electrical sockets can also guide your way through a dim hallway. Or you can always use the flashlight app on your phone in a pinch.

When it comes to lights, the more the better. Having lots of bulbs to choose from, inside and out, means you can make your house as radiant and festive as you like. And you can always turn some down to set a mellower mood.