Don’t Leave Your Home in a Time Warp

When your guests visit your home for the first time and use the words quaint, retro, historical, or if they mention that it reminds them of their grandparents’ home, you know it’s time for a makeover. Even if you are a fan of 1960’s era appliances, make sure it’s not just because that old fridge refuses to die. Everything old can be new again but it has to be done in a conscious, cohesive and visually appealing way. When you are ready for home remodeling company fairfax county va, let a professional help you to design your perfect place. There are many design considerations that can impact your choices and a skilled team can steer you away from bad decisions and streamline the process.

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Do you favor a traditional look or is a sleek, modern home more your style? If you aren’t sure, a fun style finder quiz can help you narrow it down. Understanding your personal style (or styles) is the key to getting a result that makes your home a haven you look forward to returning to.

Square Footage

If you’ve always envisioned having a professional chef’s kitchen with dual ovens, a built-in refrigerator with a separate freezer and an eight burner gas cooktop, you will want to make sure you have the square footage for it before ordering the appliances. While you may have to make some concessions, with an experienced remodeling expert, they can help you find similar items with more space-conscious dimensions.


Are you looking to simply replace some furniture and flooring? Do you need to rethink the configuration of your rooms and possibly remove some walls to make your space more open and inviting? The scope of those two projects is vastly different. What you want to change or replace will affect your budget. Understanding how much you are willing to spend may also determine the scope of your project.

Don’t get stuck in a time warp with your outdated home. With a few considerations, you can be on the way to a home you can be proud of.