Seeking Competent Authority Approval?

The U.S. government has long restricted the shipment of goods it considers dangerous across the country. For a long time, individual carriers needed to negotiate directly with the government and prove themselves through expensive and time consuming audits. The result was a severe limitation on the shipping industry, leading to escalating costs and a bottleneck on shipping services. In light of improvements in safety technology and emerging economic demands, the U.S. Department of Transportation now has a standard for testing for competent authority approval.

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Study Before Your Company Applies

Local or state level material handling certifications are not the same thing as competent authority certification, so it’s vital that companies looking to gain this ability to ship goods deemed by the federal DOT to be dangerous understand the federal rules and regulations surrounding the subject before going into a testing situation. Currently, there is a single testing authority for this approval, so you should be able to find the information you need about their particular process with a little legwork.

It’s vital that you not only look at the regulations, but also at what others who have navigated the process have to say about it. That way, you can better understand the expectations placed on your organization, and you can devise the processes you will need to be able to get your certification. This is an opportunity for those organizations who are prepared to step up to the responsibility that comes with shipping these materials, and it’s the first time that standards have been consistent and widely accessible, so it’s time for entrepreneurs who have the resources to open up their business to thins new opportunity to take the steps to do it. The earliest adopters are likely to make the most of the supply and demand situation. Start with the advice you need to set up processes, and then see where this road takes you.