Steps to Take Before Selling a House

Congrats! You’ve decided to put your house on the market. Before the ‘For Sale’ sign hits the yard, consider these tips to ensure your home is buyer-approved and ready for a killer sale. The small investments will be well worth the return when your house sells quickly and closer to listing price.

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Consider hiring a local interior designer for a one-hour consultation. Designers can peruse your space and offer simple suggestions that will make your home more appealing to buyers and agents. For example, they can help you simplify fireplace mantle décor, re-position that awkward side table or offer tips on the best lighting in the kitchen. If you want to go a step further, check out home staging trends for a brand new design ideas.


Most would think cleanliness goes without saying, but when listing a home, you must take extra caution to shine, dust and prepare your home for interested buyers. Wipe down all windows, glass surfaces and appliances. Hide clutter, trash and children’s toys in a storage space so guests can focus on the bones of the house, rather than your stuff. If you live in the south, consider steam cleaning waco tx to give your carpets an extra layer of deep cleaning.


Once your home is styled and clean, take a few minutes to set the stage for realtors and clients. Before your realtor brings a client in for a showing, consider playing light background music, displaying fresh fruit and dim the lights just right for the time of day. You want future home buyers to love your space and feel at home, only possible if you invest a little time in the preparation.


Devote some time to your home before a showing or open house to make your abode stand out among the rest!