Three Types of Dental Tools

Different trades have their own set of specific tools. Teachers have books and paper. Accountants have calculators and spreadsheets. Most people are familiar with the tools that dentists use, but do not know the names or details about them. Companies, like body wire, make stainless steel to build dental tools. Stainless steel is strong and avoids corrosion. It lasts a long time so the dentist does not have to replace the tools very often. The three most recognizable tools are the mouth mirror, sickle probe, and scaler.

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Mouth Mirror

A mouth mirror is exactly what it sounds like – a mirror that goes into the mouth! It is located on the end of a metal prod and the dentist holds the other end.  The mouth mirror is harmless when it comes to dental tools. When people see it coming towards their mouths, they tend not to flinch away. The mouth mirror has two main functions. It lets the dentist view hard to see places in the mouth. It also assists with moving the tongue.


Sickle Probe

Another name for a sickle probe is a dental explorer. Its shape is similar to the mouth mirror, but has a sharp hook on the end instead of a mirror. It is scary looking, but it helps the dentist navigate inside the mouth. The sickle probe can explore tight spaces between teeth and help scrape away plaque on teeth. The dentist also uses it to look closely at cavities. The sickle probe should not hurt the mouth since they deal with small areas.



The scaler, on the other hand, removes bigger areas of plaque and other bacteria. It is necessary because it saves teeth from decaying. The scaler gets rid of the bacteria that is formed from sugar and acids that you intake. It finds what a toothbrush or floss cannot. Usually, it does not feel very good when a dentist uses a scaler, but it is the best for tooth health.


Next time you go to the dentist, you will be familiar with the tools. You will know what to expect when the dentist is reaching toward your mouth.