Diet For Diabetics: 5 Low-GI, Monsoon Fruits That May Regulate Blood Sugar

Diet For Diabetics: 5 Low-GI, Monsoon Fruits That May Regulate Blood Sugar

Monsoon Fruits For Diabetics: Choose from among these low-GI fruits

  • Monsoon brings with it several seasonal fruits and veggies
  • Monsoon has a number of fruits that are considered safe for diabetics
  • Cherries and plums are just two of the best monsoon fruits

Monsoon is a time of overcast skies, pleasant breeze and refreshing showers. It’s also a time when one gets to see the beauty of nature in full bloom. The season brings with it a dazzling range of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals required by the body for staying healthy. For those with erratic blood sugar levels as well, monsoon is a season of bounty and of exploiting the seasonal gifts in the form of healthy fruits. There are plenty of monsoon fruits which when consumed as a part of a healthy diet coupled with some amount of physical activity, may help diabetics regulate blood sugar in their bodies and keep the levels under check. Diabetics must carefully select fruits to be included in their daily diet, from the low end of the Glycaemic Index spectrum.

The Glycaemic Index of a food is a measure of how quickly it is absorbed in the body, resulting in rise in blood sugar levels. The GI rating is done on a scale from 1 to 100 and lower GI a fruit or any other food has, the better it is for those with diabetes. Foods that raise blood glucose levels quickly are high- they are rated 70 or more; foods that raise blood glucose levels moderately are medium- they are rated 56 to 69; and foods that raise blood glucose levels sugar slowly are low- they are rated 55 or less. Fortunately, there are number of low GI fruits available to us during monsoons and these fruits have a GI of 55 and under, which is considered a healthy GI range for diabetics. Here are some of them.

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Monsoon Fruits For Diabetics

1. Pears

This fibre-rich fruit is said to be beneficial in managing weight also and therefore it might help diabetics indirectly, as obesity is a risk factor for diabetes. However, directly as well pears are good for diabetics as they have a low GI of under 40.

2. Peaches

This fuzzy fruit is a delight to bite into for its juicy pulp and unique flavour. Peaches are said to be healthy for diabetics as they have a low GI of around 42. They are also low in calories and may help manage weight in diabetics.