4 Items That Need Regular Backflow Testing

Taking care of a home or business is a lot of work. One aspect of upkeep that should not be ignored is your home or business’s backflow devices. Backflow devices are responsible for keeping hazardous materials out of the potable water lines. Here are four home or business items that have a backflow device installed on their water line that should be tested regularly.

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Soda Machines

Restaurants and fast food joints all have soda machines. The carbon dioxide used to make everyone’s favorite sugary drinks needs to be kept away from drinking water. Small backflow valves are installed in these machines to keep everything separated and everyone healthy.

Fire Alarm Sprinklers

Although fire alarm sprinklers are used mostly for businesses, there are some homeowners who choose to install them for extra safety precautions. There are a lot of chemicals in these water lines to help put out fires, but backflow devices are needed to keep these same chemicals away from drinking water lines. Both homes and businesses should regularly complete backflow testing Lufkin TX to make certain the lines are clear of each other.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are found on both residential and commercial properties, so the importance of properly working backflow preventers underground cannot be overstated. There are a variety of hazardous wastes and dangerous chemicals that could enter potable water lines without anyone noticing unless these lines are tested. Backflow preventer devices help keep your business or family members safe from ingesting these foul additions to water lines.

Medical Equipment

There are many moving parts to a hospital that only occur behind-the-scenes. Hospitals have entire departments dedicated to cleanliness, and that includes water cleanliness and safety. Backflow testers are responsible for making sure things like dialysis machines and sterilizers are clean and free of any hazardous waste.

Even though backflow testing is one more thing to maintain on your property, it is one of the most important tests to complete on a recommended basis to keep you and other people safe and healthy.