Important Yearly Home Maintenance Tasks

When winter is over, and summer is on its way to provide you with longer, warmer days, it is time to begin checking for possible problems your home may be suffering from. To help you locate those issues, here are some of the most common concerns you need to check for around your house.

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1. Gutters

Keeping your gutters debris free can prevent water from entering your home as the liquid builds up and spills over into the siding. Also, check that the downspout moves the draining water at least three feet away from your home’s foundation.

2. Roof

Summer heat and winter cold can damage your roof tiles. Whether they are torn, broken, or missing, the water from rain or melting snow can penetrate your roofing under-fabrics when the protective tiles are damaged. Contact a roof repair Ann Arbor company to arrange an appointment as soon as you see a problem.

3. Windows

Check the caulking around all your home’s windows. Because of the fluctuations in weather, the sealer can break and loosen the window panes, which can then raise your energy costs. Repairing the loose windows and caulk can strengthen your home’s protective envelop.

4. Siding

If winds, storms, or disasters have broken or split your siding, insects can burrow into your home. Protect your house from further damage by repairing the siding and sealing the edges of the panels.

5. Trees

Long hard summers or winters can damage tree limbs. Instead of waiting for another season to pass, have the limbs removed that are near your home that could fall and cause damage. Also, removing the dead limbs can save the life of your tree.

Be proactive in your home maintenance projects. Protecting your home by fixing problems as soon as you find them will help your house protect your family.