This design studio proves that workplaces can also be cosy and homely

“I love when people walk in and ask if this is my home,” says a pleased Mangesh as he walks me through his recently completed studio. “This space is a reflection of me and the ethos of what I do.”Room with black coffee table on wheels, side table, bed upgraded to a sofa and large planter on the side

His recently completely 800 square-foot office and studio could easily be mistaken for a contemporary home. The architect and interior designer who loves historical elements struck gold with the location, a stone’s throw from August Kranti Maidan and Mani Bhavan, both historically significant locations in south Mumbai. We chatted with him to find out more about his studio and design style:

Beautiful Homes: What drew you to this location for your studio?
Mangesh Lungare:
 After searching for quite a while I came across this space that used to be a residential apartment. It’s located on a quiet street infused with a quaint village vibe and surrounded by heritage buildings. When I look out of my windows, I am greeted by green tree cover and Mangalore tiled roofs.

Mangesh Lungare and his team consisting of 2 women and 1 man

Mangesh and his team in the studio.

BH: What did you have in mind while designing the studio?
 I designed the studio with the same approach as I have towards my clients – understanding the personalities and character of the residents. I wanted to create an environment of cosiness and comfort. It’s very challenging to get the maximum output from our work life – I was faced with the task of deciphering what kind of setting would help us the most.  Homely environments bring out the best because you feel physically, mentally and visually comfortable. Natural light, plants, plush seating, personal curios are all part of creating this essence. Just like in a home, things here have been designed to be moved around. The colour palette, with the beautiful green, also came together quite naturally. It’s inevitable that it will change over time but when I was doing up the space, these colours spoke to me. Finally, the needs of the studio and functionality also drove the design.