How to Save on Your Home Cooling Costs

Energy consumption can represent a significant part of your household expenses, and you may notice that your home energy bill spikes during the summer because you need to use a lot of energy to keep your home cool. There are easy but effective things that you should do to reduce the cost of cooling your home that you may not have considered. Here are 2 ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency in the warm summer months.

3 Ways to Save on Heating and Cooling Costs in Your Home

1. Have Your HVAC System Serviced Regularly

Some homeowners don’t perform routine maintenance on HVAC systems, and they wait until their systems aren’t working well before getting any type of service. However, ongoing service is vital to the proper functioning of any HVAC system. Coils need to be cleaned annually, and it will also be necessary to periodically refill your unit with coolant. If these things don’t happen, your system will have to work much harder than it needs to, and its compressor may even break from the strain. Moreover, when the temperature in your home rises and your air conditioning switches on, it will continue running for much longer than it would otherwise need to. Regular maintenance will help keep your system performing at its best and help prevent unnecessary energy use.

2. Minimize the Heating Effects of Sunlight

When your windows let in sunlight, the temperature in your home can increase dramatically. This can result in a substantial increase to your energy costs, especially during the summer months. Skylights tend to create the biggest amount of heat from the sun because they take on direct sunlight when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. You can counter the effects of skylight glare by getting a custom made cover or shade. You can choose an option that doesn’t completely block the light provided by your skylight but instead works to reduce the heat that enters your home.