Take Care of Your Pool in 3 Easy Steps

Your pool is your oasis, your backyard escape from the rest of the world. Do you know how to keep your pool beautiful and healthy, though? Following these three simple steps will ensure that your pool is always the calming oasis you want it to be.

1. Arrange for a Professional Checkup Every Year

Just like the cars, humans and animals in your life, your pool needs regular checkups. Find a pool maintenance service St Charles County MO to help you out. They have the tools and expertise to find and fix small problems before they become big expensive ones.

The Simpler, Smarter Pool Care System: Clorox Pool&Spa Easy 1-2-3 Pool Care  Brand System - YouTube

2. Keep It Clean

Swimming in a clean pool is a much nicer experience than being in one with debris in the water and algae on the sides. These conditions can also adversely affect the chemical levels in your pool. Regularly scoop out anything that falls into the pool: leaves, insects, or your nephew’s hot dog mustard. The sooner you get out what doesn’t belong, the less time it will have to become a problem. Regularly clean the filter too so it can keep doing an effective job.

If despite your diligent scooping and cleaning, you still notice an oily film on your pool’s surface, don’t despair! This is the easiest fix of all. Simply buy some new tennis balls and float one on the water. The fuzzy fibers on the ball will attract and hold onto any oils on the pool’s surface.

3. Test It

Invest in a set of pool test kits. The two most important things to check on a regular basis are the chlorine and pH levels, and they should be checked two to three times a week. Too little chlorine and everyone runs the risk of picking up a waterborne infection. Too much chlorine, though, and the swimmers may exit the pool with red, burning eyes and skin.

That’s all it usually takes. If you do these three easy things, you should be able to retreat to your oasis for many years to come.