3 Things To Know When Filing for Roof Repairs

After a severe weather system passes through, you should take a look at your roof. Intense winds can be hazardous to the flashing and shingles, exposing your home to water damage. If you notice significant damage, you may want to contact your insurer right way, asking about opening a claim. If you do, consider the following four things.

Roof Repair vs. Replacement: 3 Key Factors to Consider

1. Know Your Coverage Details

If you plan to ask for financial assistance, you’ll want to know the minute points of your policy. Under what conditions does the agency cut a check? What is your deductible? What is the coverage limit? These could factor into whether it’s worth it to go through with the request. Be sure to also check on any specific requirements that the company. You don’t want to miss any steps.

2. Have a Personal Assessment

While your agent may send someone out to look at the premises, this may not happen right away. You want to secure the property quickly, so research insurance inspections Central Florida for a business that can handle restorations and paperwork. Having a group by your side to validate the destruction could be beneficial in saving you time and money. Plus, they can immediate begin tarping the affected sections, preventing you from having even more trouble down the road.

3. Document Like Crazy

Evidence is vital. You’ll want to have photographs and video of the initial concerns. Send them in right away through email. Also, have all pictures saved to you computer files just in case. Throughout the process, keep a running list of anything purchased or used for the remediation efforts. This includes dehumidifiers, cleaners and replacement materials. If you threw anything away or required content cleaning, snap images of the item’s condition. These could be used to substantiate any reparation costs.

Your insurance could help offset the amount for restoration. Just remember to record your actions and communicate everything.