How to create a fine dining experience at home

Over the past year our homes have metamorphosed in all sorts of ways. It is now office, restaurant, school, and everything else. So, it’s easy to just hunker down in front of the TV for a meal or do your work in your pyjamas. But no, don’t give in. Especially in difficult times it is essential to elevate the everyday. Our focus here is the art of dining. Guest stylist Nidhi Tiwari, Founder of Spaces and Stories, spent some time at the Asian Paints Signature Store in Mumbai and put together a few easy ways to make your dining table look its luxurious best.A 2 seater wooden dining table with a white table cloth, a cake, two plates, a wine glasses, a flower vase and lit candles in the centre

The theme
Inspired by the Asian Paints Trend Forecast 2020, ‘Mystique’, we have opted for a darker colour palette. The whole setting is styled to achieve a moody fine dining set up for the evening. This has been created with the grey wallpaper called the Indus moon that we chose from the Luna collection by Nilaya, dramatic lighting and various complimentary accessories.A cake kept alongside a plate and a wine glass

The base
To begin with, remove all the regular accessories from your dining table and start from a clear base. Here, we have chosen the Alder dining table set from the recently launched Royale furniture by Asian Paints. Due to its simple design, we could easily style it. Next, choose a fabric to layer the table. We chose a linen fabric as it adds a touch richness. Place the fabric in a somewhat abstract way. Have one corner touching the floor or fold it in half and then place it in a cross-like position across the table. Another way is to have two fabrics of slightly different shades, placed in such a way that you can see both, layered one on the other.  A cake kept in the centre of the table besides a couple of votives, and other cutlery

There’s no better time to bring out your crockery. In this setting we have used darker pieces. Also add pieces with geometrical patterns on them to break the monotony of the look. Next, select cutlery that has a brass or gold finish to further elevate the setting.

Dramatic lighting
The lighting is the main accent of this setting. It sets the mood for the space and adds drama to the look. We have used the Folia chandelier from Royale lighting by Asian Paints to add a luxurious element. Then we used leaves and baby’s breath on the light fixture to further enhance it. Avoid using flowers though, as they will wilt from the heat of the lamp. Make sure to switch off any harsh or strong lights in the room. Next, accessorise the table with crystal-finish tea lights. The presence of lights in crystal will make the table look interesting and will also highlight the various elements on it. Lastly, use candles and sparklers to bring in elements that spell celebration. Of course, the most important part of a dining celebration is the food. In our setting the hero is a cream cake topped with fresh fruits by Kake it by Khyati. Whether you’re celebrating an occasion or not, an elegant setting will always keep up the spirit!